Organize And Make A Success Of An Associative Film Screening

Organize And Make A Success Of An Associative Film Screening

For a film screening evening such as Odeon private screening for example to be a success, there is only one watchword: organization. Here are the key steps to schedule a film screening in good condition.

Choose The Movie

The choice of film will only be based on two criteria: the profile of the target audience (members of the association) and the cultural objective set. If your evening responds to a particular theme, the genre of the film should follow the theme. You can, therefore, very well choose a cartoon if the members of your association have an age group of fewer than 15 years, for example. For example, if you organize a Halloween party within your association and a film screening is included in the program, why not choose a horror film? Similarly, to make the members of your association aware of environmental protection, it is common to broadcast a documentary film for example.

Find A Suitable Place For The Screening Of The Film

The place where your film will be shown for an evening will depend on the objective that your association has set itself and the number of people interested. It should also be noted that there are two kinds of film projection—that of room and the projection of countryside. As its name suggests, the first projection category occurs in a movie theatre. The second category is simply in a darkened room with all the projection equipment.

If you choose the projection in the cinema, the organization of your evening will be easier because, in most cases, it is the cinema that takes care of everything (license, entry, date). In this case, you have to pay more and book months in advance. The campaign screening usually takes place in the municipality hall or a school gymnasium, or of course, on the association’s head office premises. This is the most economical solution. On the other hand, you must manage everything from A to Z (room rental, video projector, projection screen, chairs, etc.)

Communicate About The Event

Communication is essential for a successful film screening during an associative evening. The rule is quite simple: ensure the visibility of the event. To this end, here are some ways to lead you on this path:

Create an online box office. Although optional for free events, having an online box office is recommended to gain visibility on the Internet. It is mandatory for all paid public events. 

Also, appeal to the goodwill of other associations in your locality to relay the information.

If your target audience is present on social networks, you can also relay your ticketing with an event on Facebook, for example. This will allow you to contact participants interested in your film screening evening.

The local press is also a very good way to disseminate information. For this, do not hesitate to send a press release on your film screening evening.

Print posters and leaflets and post them in appropriate places such as town halls, the library to target as many people as possible.