3 Best BMC CPAP Machines : Price and Advanced features

3 Best BMC CPAP Machines : Price and Advanced features

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a condition where breathing pauses or interruptions occur as a result of your throat or airways briefly collapsing or becoming temporarily blocked by anything. A CPAP machine constantly pumps compressed air into your mouth and nose to assist you in breathing while you sleep. Your airways are maintained open and you may breathe normally as a consequence.

The largest manufacturer of home respiratory care products in China is BMC Medical Co, LTD (BMC), a business founded in 2001. In terms of value for money, BMC models are the best CPAP machines since they are equipped with all the necessary and cutting-edge features for CPAP therapy. In the field of sleep medicine, the Chinese manufacturer BMC is well-known for its affordable prices.

A heated humidifier, Ramp, EPR, and all other comfort amenities are included with the equipment. The BMC flagship models are among the most cutting-edge and sophisticated, and they do so at significantly lower costs than those of competing competitors. In this article, the best models of BMC CPAP machines along with their price and features will be discussed. 

BMC CPAP Machines are available in the market in the price range between 25,000 – 30,000 Rs. in India.

  1. BMC RESmart G3 Auto CPAP

BMC G3 Auto CPAP has a price range between 28,000 – 30,000 Rs. in India. Heated tubing, wireless connectivity, and an integrated humidifier are all features of BMC’s new G3 A20 auto-adjusting pressure device. The G3 series has a pre-heat option that warms the water in your humidifier for maximum comfort in frigid, dry conditions. The G3 gets the most moisture while avoiding condensation buildup thanks to integrated heated tubing and effective Auto Humidity management. The revolutionary PUSH water chamber in the G3 keeps the humidifier compact and aesthetically pleasing while being easy to use. Without removing the water chamber that improves user compliance, water can be supplied for convenience.

The multi-stage noise reduction technique used by BMC  G3 keeps noise levels below 28 dB. (A). In response to changes in the patient’s demands, the treatment plan may be automatically updated thanks to Intelligent Pressure Adjusting Technology – Smart CG3.

The system also has an Auto Ramp feature that detects when the patient starts to fall asleep and gradually increases the pressure. This device’s supply and accessory reminders maintain your treatment efficient and secure. For convenience, the G3 incorporates an always-on clock, temperature, and humidity monitor.

Expiratory Pressure Relief, wireless connectivity, auto on/off, auto ramp, altitude correction, and several more cutting-edge technologies are some of this model’s distinguishing features.

  1. BMC RESmart G2S Auto CPAP

BMC G2S Auto CPAP machine has a price range between 24,000 – 26,000 Rs. in the Indian market. Compared to the GII Auto CPAP, the RESmart G2S is more compact, lighter, and quieter. The RESmart G2S Auto Cpap Machine’s inbuilt humidifier enhances its user-friendliness, portability, and compactness. The 2.4-inch colour display is quite appealing and has an easy-to-use user interface. A 3-button control panel is basic and easy to use.

The mechanism that draws water from the water chamber and the opening lid make it simpler to fill and clean. The Integrated Heated Humidifier increases your comfort while providing the optimal humidity level throughout the night.

This innovative new G2S Auto CPAP machine has the most modern, cutting-edge technology while being incredibly user-friendly. It was developed to treat obstructive sleep apnea patients at home (OSA).

The G2S Auto CPAP Machine employs cutting-edge sensor technology to automatically track the condition of your respiratory system, detect the earliest indications of snoring, and adjust the pressure until the airway is fully open. G2S unquestionably has a better design with less weight and a very compact form thanks to the integrated humidifier.

  1. BMC RESmart GII Auto CPAP

BMC GII Auto CPAP is available in the market with the price range of 23,500 – 25,000 Rs. RESmart GII’s fundamental operation gives you a straightforward, intuitive picture of who you are. It includes every necessary functional component, including delay time, air leakage compensation, expiratory pressure relief, automated switch on and off, etc.

It has a variety of reporting options (APP, device, PC, and respiratory health management platform), as well as a 2.4-inch/3.5-inch colour LCD screen to show crucial parameter data in real time. When the humidifier is present, the device weighs around 2.5 kg.

It’s a little noisy with a sound level of 30 dB. The GII Auto CPAP machine includes all essential features that you could possibly want in an auto CPAP device.

The RESmart GII Auto is a brand-new intelligent CPAP device for use in both at-home and in-office treatments for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). You can easily breathe and sleep soundly because of its clever foundation. The CPAP machine for GII Auto CPAP is a bit large and hefty due to the removable heated humidifier. Some of its features are Expiratory Pressure Relief, auto on/off, and a ramp length of 60 minutes. The humidifier may accomplish district heating, consume less energy, and have a greater humidification effect thanks to Eco smart heating technology. Overall, the machine is one of the best CPAP machines that is reasonably priced and has all the key functions a user needs for CPAP therapy.